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Cafe Memento

Vegetarian & Vegan Food Vegetarian & Vegan Food

After 18 years of trading we have closed down.
My sincere thank you to all customers over the many years for your support, great laughs, kind words, caring, flexibility and loyalty.

All the Best to you.

Established at Bronte Beach, Sydney in 1995 now relocated to the heart of Blackheath since 2001 and closed down on 30. November 2013.

Quiet location, ample parking, great coffee, wholesome food, all cooked with love on the premises. Memento has become a firm favourite with locals and a must do visit whilst travelling in the area.

Our Ricotta Stollen, Black Forest Gateau, Russian Caramel Cake and Lentil Stack, are just a few of our trademark creations.

The food style is modern Australian with a European influence. We chose our ingredients carefully with an emphasis on natural and wholesome produce.

This includes open range eggs,  organic wholewheat flour, organic brown rice, fresh juices, home made soft drinks, along with several vegetarian, vegan and dairy/gluten free options.

Our open courtyard overlooking Wentworth Street is facing east and makes it a great spot to catch the morning sun.
Feel free to bring your favourite drop. We are BYO.

Our warm and friendly atmosphere makes for a memorable experience.

Friendly dogs on a lead are welcome. Water bowls are provided in the courtyard.


Memento Courtyard


About Memento

          Our Food

  • Is free from MSG and flavour enhancers. No stock cubes or powders are used.

  • We aim for natural ingredients in our cooking that are GE free, sourced largely from Australia or countries with a trustworthy reputation for clean and safe food standards.

  • We use fresh herbs, raw or brown sugar, organic wholewheat flour, localy baked organic wholemeal wheat & rye sourdough bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, Open Range (grassland) eggs, Australian virgin olive oil, butter pure cream and GE free Australian canola oil, organic soy drink, organic tofu, organic Australian brown rice, organic besan and quinoa.

  • We focus on tasty and healthy vegetarian foods that are more sustainable for the planet.
    We cannot support cruel animal factory farming, cruel live animal transport or processing practices by buying meat or meat products.

  • Individual dishes are served on one plate, except for children under 6yo, elderly persons or people with a disability. All other split meals, extra cutlery, etc. incur an "extra plate charge".

  • Some minor change to a dish is usually possible, but no dissecting of meals please.

  • Nutritional value is always considered in the food we offer, so you feel good afterwards.

  • Our Staff & Prices

  • We pay National Award Rates, including weekend loadings, superannuation and are covered by NSW Workers Compensation Insurance.

  • Every effort is made to keep prices down. Most ingredients are Australian, many organic, including our staff. We run a honest business and pay our taxes. What we offer is unlikely to be imported from China or similar low cost countries. Our industry is not Government subsidized.

  • The till is programed with weekday prices. The Sat & Sun price difference is added at the end.

  • Our Service

  • We are not a fast food restaurant. However, we will get the orders to you as fast as possible.

  • If you move tables after ordering, your order may be delayed as we do not have a GPS on you.

  • Splitting itemized bills results in slower service. During busy times, this may not be possible.

  • Children are great. Please keep them effectively supervised for OHS reasons.

  • If you are pressed for time, during quite moments we usually can accomodate your request.
    If you want to eat in a hurry, don't. It is bad for your health.

  • Friendly dogs are welcome, provided they are on a leash. Water bowls are in the courtyard.

  • Tap water is available. Please help yourself at the water station next to the cake fridge.

  • The Tourist Information Centre is located at the end of Govetts Leap Road. We are happy to help with local information where possible.

  • Our Environmental Footprint

  • More than 70% of our waste is recycled (by estimate)

  • We have The Last Straw Policy. You get a spoon. No more straws to pollute waterways.

  • Memento is powered by 100% renewable energy (wind power) except for our gas cookers.

  • Many paper products we use are made from recycled waste paper.

  • We have very little food waste in our kitchen and note with a smile plates that come back empty.
    Thank you for respecting food in the Land of Plenty.

  • Our Gourmet & Gift Rack

    is stocked with pure Tasmanian Honey,  Mugs, and our Cow Milk Jugs.

  • Part of our profit goes to:

  • Animals Australia
    Greenpeace Australia
    Amnesty International Australia
     Australian Wilderness Society
    Blue Mountains Conservation Society
      PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)

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